Great ideas for fast-food business: oriental meals

When it comes to any oriental cuisine, for the majority of people the most obvious example of fast-food is sushi. Indeed, sushi is extremely popular as a form of fast-food in many countries of the world.

Still, there are other interesting options of food that are very delicious, satiating and easy to make. They are perfect for fast-food tracks and eating outside and ta the same time they are still not popular in Western countries which means you can still spread them with your new business. Discover some of the most noteworthy ideas for such a business in this article.

Korean fast-food

There are many variations of Korean fast-food, however one of them is still not popular in the countries distant from Korea. This is pigodi or pyanse, which is a large dumpling with filling.

Pigodi has a classic filling of meat and cabbage, however, is also common to add spicy pickled vegetables especially kimchi.

A crucial feature of this dish is that it is cooked with steaming rather than boiling which is making the dumplings very soft and delicate and at the same time, keep the filling juicy.

It is worth noting that usually an average pigodi weighs around 300 grammes which means it is quite large and can be a good substitute to an entire meal.

Vietnamese fast-food

One of the most popular Vietnamese forms of fast-food is a spring roll. If you love Asian cuisine, in all likelihood you have already tried this delicious dish, however, in many cases it is added to other meals and is not served separately.

You can offer spring rolls as a separate fast-food meal.

There are many types of spring-rolls since they are extremely popular in many Asian countries where people have different preferences for filling or even the dough.

For instance, it is typical for Vietnam to use rice paper to make these rolls, whereas in China very thin wheat pancakes are used. The variety of feelings is also extremely large including pork, fish, vegetables, rice and others. It is also possible to experiment and create interesting variations of spring roll adding soy sauce, peanut powder or other interesting ingredients to create unique flavours of your rolls.

Spring rolls are deep-fried.