Common believes that do not let people become rich

If you are one of the people struggling with survival because of a rather modest income, you might have some serious reasons for it. Yet, if you think carefully about your reasons, it might happen at least one of them is one of the popular believes about money listed in this article. You might be aware of having such a belief or it might be something you are holding in your mind subconsciously not even having a hint of actually believing in something like that.

In any way, no matter whether you truly think these common believes are well-grounded, or they are just the result of the attitude of the people you are surrounded with, you should make your best to change your mind set, otherwise you will hardly be able to improve your financial condition.

Money is spoiling people and not letting them be happy

Money is usually seen as an absolute people and unfortunately, in many societies or at least smaller communities, being oriented towards earning money usually mean you a bad person. This is a very unfortunate attitude that is creating absolutely unnecessary problems.

Money cannot spoil people as people in general cannot be spoilt. Even if you look at the sad examples of a young generation raised by very wealthy parents who behave as if they are better than anyone with a smaller amount of money, this is not the result of having money. These are just poor souls who did not receive any proper attention from their family when they were young and, in all likelihood, their parents used money as a substitute for love.

By the way, immense poverty can have an even worse effect as people might get into various crimes not being able to provide themselves or their families even with the things for meeting their basic needs.

When it comes to happiness, it is crucial to understand that external things cannot bring us real happiness, no matter how absurd it might seem to us. Holding on to the belief you will be happy once you achieve something whether it is in your professional or personal life is a dangerous route even though it seems to be sensible. This deprives you from crucial understanding of happiness that is life itself and makes you rely on various external conditions.

Payment for happiness

In all likelihood, the most dangerous belief about money is the one about some strange forces that are trying to make everything fairly dividing goodness among people in an equal way. According to this belief, if you happen to become rich, you will for sure lose something else whether it your health or a crucial relationship.

This belief can literally make you go nuts as you will expect payment for anything good happening in your life and it can not only stop you from achieving your goals and enjoying your life, it can make you absolutely focused on the fear to the point that it will become a phobia. Indeed, there is even a separate form of a phobia popularly known as cherophobia that is basically a fear of happiness.