Apps for Creating a Digital Business Card

Apps for Creating a Digital Business Card

Are you interested in searching for Apps for Creating a Digital Business Card? It is a common question that people ask, and we are delivering this information once and for all to everyone.

First of all, you must have knowledge about what is a digital card and what is its importance? A digital card is your corporate’s connection to the world of professionalism. If you want your firm to represent itself as a professional one, there is no doubt that you should definitely have your business card, either tangible or digital. It is like gathering up all of your relative information on a single piece of paper or to some location. It is a strong indication that if you offer someone your digital card and they accept it, you are going to meet and have a chat again.

In today’s world, it is quite common and an hour of need that you should have your digital business card along. It is an easier way to display your details of work and accounts consolidation and contacts all collected on that card. Designing your digital card is not a big deal as there are many apps available for this job. We will suggest to you some best choices to bring up convenience to you.

Apps for Creating a Digital Business Card


This is our first pick because of the reason; this app design brings consistency to your business cards. Everyone from your company can get these easy-to-tap cards. What you require are a separate identity and contact details to make a quick business card digitally. Not only this, but this card will give you an update on how many people have visited your cards.


If you are the person who wants to go all the way to keep up the simplicity, this option might be the one for you. There are pre-designed templates of the business cards, which leave a blank space for your changeable contact info and details. The best part is that it generates a web link for your digital card so that people do not have to go through the hassle of app downloading.


Let’s give some good news to iPhone users. This is an app where you can make your free-cost business card, and you can store it on your phone’s address book. The sharing of your card is possible through email or the app itself. The good part is that you can design as many multiple cards as you want for several distinct purposes.


Now, this eVaunt has a unique address of the page and, finally, an app that works great with business card sharing and watching on smartphones. The specialty lies within the fact that it features a Google map to pin your location in it along with your profile photo and other icons representing your business.


These are our best suggestions of Apps for Creating a Digital Business Card. All of the options are valid and can give you the best results for this cause. But always keep in mind that it is a lot easier to design printed cards, so you can go with that too.