Annoying things remote workers frequently do

It is not a secret, there is at least one person at any work place who makes other people feel rather annoyed by some of one’s behaviour. Usually, the annoyance comes as a result of an inability of completing one’s own tasks properly because of some actions made by such people. Certainly, you do not want to bring any trouble into the working process of your company. Therefore, it will be highly useful for you to look at the list of the things which can really turn the remote working process into a mess.

Not respecting working hours

One of the most frequent mistakes made by both remote workers and their employers is texting or calling other people to discuss the questions regarding work in non-working hours.

Some employers believe their employees have to be available any time they need them because of the flexibility offered by remote working while employees who do not respect working hours might just be confused about the way they are supposed to behave especially if they have just started working remotely.

Of course, there also many people who are not sure about their own working hours in the first place as remote work allows them to switch time according to their preferences which is not necessarily effective.

Still, even if a person is successful in creating a great plan for work and stick with it, it can still be ruined by other remote workers who are not thus good at creating their own working schedule. As you can imagine, such individuals can make it impossible for others to complete their work in time, for example, when there is a shared projects and others are waiting for a part of work to be finished.

It is extremely crucial to be precise about your own working plan and respect the plan of other co-workers. It is highly recommended to keep your work time within the generally settled frames so that you will not have to bother other people during their private time.

Not being available

Needless to say, it is rather annoying for remote workers to check their email all the time and be available online whenever they are needed by other people. Certainly, this can be rather distracting and not allowing to focus on major tasks. For that reason, having a small delay in response is normal.

Still, it is highly recommended to be available at work and not to disappear for hours. In companies many tasks depend on the work of several people and some of your co-workers might not be able to finish their projects without contacting you. Not being available for contact can severely disturb the working process.

Being late for group conferences

Somehow, the psychology of people is working in the way making them feel as if remote job is less serious than the one performed in the office. It is particularly obvious when people have to attend some group calls. Certainly, there is a great difference between being late for a live meeting where everyone can see you entering the hall fifteen minutes later and just being late for logging into any system you are using for meetings with other workers.

Even though such being late might seem not thus serious, in the reality other people might be waiting for everyone to start the discussion and your active participation might be required. It is strongly advised to have a serious attitude to such meetings as well.

Not being able to deal with technical problems

On the one hand, the organisation of the working space including all of the necessary equipment and Internet connection is the task of an employer, so an employee might feel less responsible for any technical problems occurring at his home work place. On the other hand, an employee has to take care of such issues on one’s own and there is no one else to count on when it comes to a poor Internet connection or freezing computer.

You can imagine how annoying it might be to have people in your work community who cannot perform their work tasks because of all of these technical implications.

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  1. No reputable company would tolerate such behavior on a regular basis, so it is better to avoid such behavior.

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