How to make an effective logo

Small Business Advertising Guide – How to make a logo

Logo plays a significant role in attracting potential clients to your small business. So if you have a small business and want to grow in organic ways, then the logo has adequate power. Please design a logo that can reflect your business through its color combination, font style, and design.

Keep in mind that your business or brand logo is the first image in mind of a potential client. So it should be potent.

Here we will share the step-by-step guide for designing an effective logo that can attract clients and reflect your business.

So let’s dive into it.

How to make an effective logo

Here are some steps that help you design a logo according to your business requirements.

Brainstorm the vocabulary that represents your brand

The logo contains a word or two. So start brainstorming and find out the actual words representing your business motto, theme, or ideas. Keep in mind that people will know your business with these words. So find the powerful yet easy words for your logo.

Sketch the ideas

Now you have a word for your business. Think more and start sketching. Take a paper and pencil and draw every idea that came to your mind for your business logo. Please keep it simple that directly attract your potential clients.

Refine your idea

Now refine your logo sketches according to the potential client’s point of view. It helps you to find a single option with great strength. Then, you can share it with your friends or colleagues and let them access your efforts. They will give you the actual opinion and select the best option.

Choose the colors

Now you finalize your logo design and words. Next is to pick versatile colors. Keep in mind that these colors will reflect your business in the compitative market. Therefore, choose the colors carefully and keep them with a compelling combination. Consider the color variation from light and dark backgrounds, and don’t choose more than three shades.

Choose the font

Now everything comes in a line, and it’s time to combine them. Suppose you choose the sketch in the shape of a symbol, then it’s easy to choose the font style. However, if your logo design has the text, then choose font style carefully. Consider the typeface for the text part and ignore the generic font styles. It helps your company name or logo to stand out in a competitive market.

Ensure scalability

Scalability is one of the essential factors that you need to consider during logo making. Remember that business logos come on product packages, social media marketing campaings, and everywhere you want to incorporate. So the logo must have good scalability.


We hope this guide will help you make a significant logo that works for your small business, and you will grow fast. First, however, ensure that you choose a suitable color scheme and effective font that truly reflect your business idea.