Popular stereotypes about bosses which are not true

There are many stereotypes about bosses which are actually false. If you are a boss of a company yourself, you should be aware of such stereotypes in order not to make popular mistakes and make your work more efficient. The things you will find in this article either are the false impressions of bosses about their own work positions or are the false believes of employees who have some unrealistic expectations of their supervisors. In any case, it is useful to be aware of such things and do not let them mess up with the work of your company.

Employees will never trust their supervisor and share all the truth with the one

This actually frequently true, however, the reason for it is not the fact that a person is a supervisor. What makes people behave like this is that they feel uncomfortable sharing the truth with their supervisor which is the result of the behaviour the supervisor.

Some of the common mistakes which finally make employees feel unwilling to share the truth with a supervisor is overreacting to negative news, punishing and criticising staff. Even if it is obvious an unpleasant situation has happened because of one of your workers, it is crucial to stay compassionate with this person, otherwise you are risking making your staff too concerned about your reactions and the people working in your company will simply start hiding things from you.

A boss has to be constantly available

There is nothing strange in the stereotype that a boss has to constantly be available for his employees. It is even worse if you have such expectations of yourself.

Certainly, a leading position in the company is connected with extra responsibilities, however, if the working process is taking all of your time or you do not feel free to relax even if it is a weekend or holidays, it can severely worsen the quality of your life, make you feel stressed and generally, is not worse it. No matter how important you are for your company, you should have time off and allow yourself to forget about all of your tasks and responsibilities. Of course, this should be done in a sensible way and not just by disappearing out of a sudden from the life of your company.

A great boss is always ready to work with one’s employees

There are different situations and crises happen when the presence of a boss can be very helpful. It is great if you are ready to participate in the life of your company in such a way, however, it is crucial to understand that the idea of being a leader is to managing the resources of your company in the most efficient way so that there is a person who can deal with crises instead of you. It is crucial to divide the working process in such a way as to minimise your involvement into the tasks which are supposed to be performed by your employees.

Here also comes a problem of many supervisors who do not trust employees and have a feeling they can do everything in the best way. This can be rather challenging for both such a boss and the employees. The first one will lose too much time and energy on the things which are actually not lying in the competency of this person and also get rather stressed whenever it is impossible to make a task on one’s own and it is the time to trust in the abilities and skills of other people. For employees such a behaviour of their boss can also be disruptive especially if the sense he or she does not have any trust in their working abilities.