Small Businesses to Start for Less Than $100

10 Small Businesses to Start for Less Than $100

In this era where inflation keeps on increasing that we doubt if there is such a thing as under $100. When it comes to talking about starting some new business of your own, it really puts a question mark in our heads. Do not over-stress yourself. There are still many options that you can opt for and keep it slow yet steady. Presenting you 10 Small Businesses to Start for Less Than $100, which have all the relevant ideas that you should hear

10 Small Businesses to Start for Less Than $100

E-Products Selling

This is one business approach that requires almost zero investment and has the potential to give you a lot. It is like providing hyperlinks on social websites that whenever someone clicks on it, you earn smaller of its chunk. It could be any product that makes your customer click on the link.

Books Selling

You can choose some used books for your business and compare what the cost is and what your competitors are giving out at what rate. Usually, textbooks pay back a lot, but you never know where this fondness of reading can lead.

House Painting

There are many places that do not necessarily need a license to start painting. Plus, it also declines the necessary equipment when you are starting with painting an indoor house. Painting is no rocket science that has complexity, and you can learn it even through YouTube and start earning through it.


What could be a better profession than teaching? The noblest profession is highly economical, and you can start it under $100. If you are tutoring in some institution, it might cost you transportation costs, but teaching online can save even that. You can even get a better pay rate per hour on online tuition.

Tax Preparation

Filing tax returns is really a good option for a startup. If you search, you will find many companies earning well by doing that. When the filing season is around the corner, that is the best time to enter the market and earn well.

Guide for Tourists

It is a low-cost investment idea to collaborate with some agency online and let them know that you know an area well and you can be a good tour guide. Once you give a good service, the tourists will remember you, and you will get more tourists soon.

eBay Sales

Your house appliances which have been not in need for a while could be a chance for earning. Start selling them. From that amount, start investing in goods that are cheap and resell them personally or online to get better rates.

Virtual Assistant

if you acquire internet service with a laptop, virtual assistance is something you can do. It depends on person to person, but mostly there are people who want to perform social media handling, report making, research-based work, and appointment setting.

Social Media Handling

Businesses ask to manage their social media existence. You can be there and increase awareness about their company and product.

Drop Shipped Products

Everyone wants products to be delivered to their doorsteps, and they pay for it nicely. What you need to do is handle the order placement and collect payment and give the cut out to the supplier.


These are the best 10 Small Businesses to Start for Less Than $100. They are quite good and well-thought ideas that you can opt for and start earning without putting much of your money at the stake of risk.