The most dangerous belief about money

It is not a secret there are so many believes and superstitions surrounding money and some of them sound really scary. There is one particular belief among others that reaches such an extent that you should actually do your best to destroy it in your head if by any chance you believe it. Actually, you might not even be aware of believing it. It is enough that someone from your family or friends repeated it when you were a child and it might got into your subconscious mind.

This particularly dangerous belief about money is that if you get wealth, you will have to pay for it with something else.

What is exactly this belief about?

The belief is extremely simple and powerful at the same time. According to those, who have created it, there is some higher power in our world that is keeping a track of everyone living on our planet. What this force is doing is balancing the situation in the world, albeit, if you think about that more, you can see this balance is a real imbalance as it keeps some sort of an account of every person and if a person gets something good in one’s life, he or she will inevitably lose something else.

For instance, one person has great health, when another one can enjoy a happy family and yet another one is rich. At the same time, that rich person is either lonely or ill. It is also possible he or she is both ill and lonely. That is of course while the first two individuals are poor.

In other words, one has to pay for everything good including money.

Why do we believe in something like that?

For modern generations of people, the source of such believes certainly lies in the previous generations since in all likelihood there was at least one person in your life who believed something like that.

For the previous generations, it is rather difficult to tell the initial reason. Certainly, we are all aware of all of those awful sins connected to money that are highlighted in various religions. At the same time, it is obvious that the generations of people who used to be slaves had really hard times living like that and for them probably the belief in having to other goodness in life was better than money.

It is also possible that people who have never had any wealth are so stressed to lose it once they start believing such things.

Stay away from such believes

It is extremely important to protect your head from such believes. Unlike other unhealthy believes about wealth, this one is particularly harmful and can transform into a real phobia that is known as cherophobia or the fear of being happy. As it is with many phobias, this can also trigger various other mental problems, for instance obsessions and compulsions that a person believes can save him or her from the payment for happiness or from happiness itself.

In any case, this can turn your life into unbearable existence filled with anxiety and no opportunities for getting relaxed. That is of course in addition to being afraid of talking any actions that can potentially make you happy.