Psychology of Colors When Marketing

Using the Psychology of Colors When Marketing

You must be amazed after knowing the fact what is impact of Using the Psychology of Colors When Marketing. It is a well-known survey result that mostly the brand recognition is by the color of the logo as well as the design. In proportion, 80% impact is of colors, and it even increases the visuality by up to 90%. Many psychologists have stated that the color of the product has the most influence on buying decision of an individual. Then, there comes the texture, which only has 6% impact while only 1% is regarded to the sound or smell.

Using the Psychology of Colors When Marketing

It is quite clear, and we can observe it too, that when you are out there buying something, what is the first thing that convinces you? It is the color. If you get your favorite or desired color, the chances start to increase that the sale has already been made. Psychologists also state that when you see the color of the gadget of an individual, you can get the idea of his or her personality. There are colors that define the dimensions of colors in which brown is usually for virility, red color is either danger but usually for excitement in gadgets, whereas purple stands for the ultimate sophistication.

Then there comes the gender who is perceiving it. The one who is there to see the advertisement or make a purchase, if it’s male, then the chances are he would definitely go for some bold and vibrant colors whereas girls prefer delicate and soft colors more. Boys usually like bold shades, including black, while girls like light shades with a little close to white color. That is what psychologists have stated, not me.

But keep in mind that what we have stated above is a general perception that is most likely expected from a normal human being. Otherwise, colors are very much dependent on one’s own preferences and ways of perceptions. Personal experiences and incidents of life, cultural and ritual differences, the way of bringing one up, or context can make it different for anyone to define.

Do not get too deep

Therefore, we can only state that we do not get too deep with the pseudo classification and identification of colors. Green does not mean to be calm every time, or orange is not only meant for sports marketing because of being vibrant. It is better to believe that color has an impact, and it would be up to you what color you are choosing for your brand and how it is going to complement what you are selling. The color is important, but the more important factor is on what this color is going to be applied to. You should rather consider how your brand is making an overall impression. What mood dynamic and image is it portraying.


This is certainly that one topic about what you are never going to find the exactly inferring answers. However, the research is not wrong, and you should not stop thinking critically about branding with the right choice of colors. Keep pursuing it, and one day you will find the right answer to what you have been looking for since the start.